Varicose Veins

Caused by malfunctions in the internal valves

Leg Vein Treatment Denver

Varicose Veins

Treated with incisions smaller than a pin-head

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Unhealthy Vein

Faulty valves allow blood to reflux and back up

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Healthy Vein

Blood flows easily—and only in one direction

Spider Veins

Caused by blood vessels that fracture under pressure

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Spider Veins

Easily treated with laser endotherapy and sclerotherapy

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Non-invasive ultrasound testing is the cornerstone of diagnosis for vascular conditions. When you come to the Albert Vein Institute, you will receive a complimentary consultation with Dr. Albert. If he determines that you may have deeper medical issues he will order a definitive diagnostic test. When completed, you will know the cause of your vascular problem and what can be done to correct it.

Varicose Vein Diagnosis & Treatment

Vein Treatment in Colorado

Varicose veins are primarily caused by faulty valves in the superficial veins located in the lower extremities. When these valves fail to function properly the blood flow moves the wrong direction increasing the load on the surface veins near the skin. These surface veins cannot compensate for this increase in volume causing the veins to bulge and twist like a knotted rope, often appearing dark purple or blue, requiring vein treatment.

Common Symptoms Include:

  • Aching and Pain
  • Leg Cramps
  • Heaviness
  • Itching and Burning
  • Restless Legs
  • Swelling
  • Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Throbbing
  • Skin changes or skin ulcers

Clots also can form within these veins due to slow or stagnant blood flow, ultimately leading to phlebitis. When phlebitis develops, the area around the clot may become painful, hot, red and swollen. Long term untreated varicose veins can cause ulcers and poor healing of wounds. Ensuring treatment prior to the development of phlebitis will help the patient avoid unnecessary pain as well as the risk of addition complications.

At the Albert Vein Institute, varicose veins and vein disease are diagnosed by a thorough physical examination, accompanied by a non-invasive ultrasound test to determine the location of the abnormal valve or valves within the veins. Treatment options include non-invasive endovenous laser ablation procedures to close the underlying abnormal saphenous veins, ambulatory phlebectomy to remove varicose veins, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy to treat perforator veins.

Thanks to ongoing advances in medical treatment and Dr. Albert’s dedication to staying on the cutting edge of technology, varicose vein treatment in Colorado Springs or at our Denver facility is performed using minimally invasive procedures, without the potential complications of general anesthesia. In many cases, the incisions are smaller than the head of a pin; recovery times are short, and results are long-term.

Vein Treatment Colorado

Spider Vein Treatment Colorado Springs and Denver: Diagnosis & Treatment

Spider Vein Treatment Denver

At the Albert Vein Center, spider vein diagnosis is determined by a thorough physical examination and a non-invasive ultrasound test to determine the health of the saphenous veins. Based on this examination, James D. Albert, M.D., RPVI, will determine the best spider vein treatment for you. Treatment usually involves correcting the underlying defect in the saphenous vein, if warranted, with endovenous laser therapy.

Once this is accomplished, your spider veins can be removed with sclerotherapy. In the past, spider veins were treated with injection of saline solution, but vein research has yielded new and effective sclerotherapy solutions that are injected into spider veins and cause them to disappear. This vein treatment in Colorado is less invasive and more effective than surgery, with excellent long-term results.

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