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Not All Vein Centers Are Equal: Why You Need to Do Your Homework

Being an “IAC Accredited Vein Center” means everything when searching for vein care among the many providers claiming to be vein specialists, some who are not even physicians. Lucky for today’s patients, varicose and spider veins are treated with minimally invasive procedures and usually in an outpatient setting. The important issue now is how to select the vein specialist or vein care practice that provides the highest level of medical/surgical training, background, experience, judgment, and safety to perform these new minimally invasive procedures.

Dr. James D. Albert, Founder and Practicing Physician of Albert Vein Institute (AVI) in Colorado, has led AVI to become the State’s “First and Only” IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER. This medical milestone in providing minimally invasive vein care and treatments assures patients that AVI is among the finest and safest in the nation. This “Vein Center” Accreditation should give confidence to every patient that you will be taken care of by the “best of the best” physician and medical staff providing vein treatments today.

As you research vein care specialists online, for instance, you will notice a variety of providers and medical practices and maybe even cosmetic spas performing vein care. You may see words like vein clinic, vein institute, vein center, vein chain with a call center, vein specialist, vein provider, hospital-based vein care and more. Note: some hospital-based vein providers are still using general anesthesia which is no longer viewed as on-the-forefront of today’s minimally invasive procedures. How do you possibly understand what all of these different terms mean when choosing a physician or vein care practice with the most credibility and surgical skill-set in providing the treatments for your varicose and spider veins? One answer is to look for a vein care practice that has earned the title of “Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER.”

The IAC recently created this national certification for today’s “Vein Centers.” There are about 100 IAC Accredited Vein Centers nationwide. The IAC states that it is “the most broad-based accrediting body in the industry serving a wide range of medical specialties.” They have done the homework for patients seeking vein treatments by rigorously evaluating a vein practice that has applied for this Vein Center distinction. This recognition ensures that the IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER “meets benchmarks for quality based on resources, training, and outcomes,” according to the IAC. It just doesn’t get any better than this recognition when a patient is seeking vein treatment among the different physicians and non-physicians providing minimally invasive vein procedures. This Commission, whose goal is demonstrating a vein practice’s commitment to quality patient care through accreditation, is one of healthcare’s most reputable overseeing organizations in the country. In addition, the IAC certifies many other medical specialties but the ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER is among their newest recognitions. For the patient, this IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER is your guiding light for responsible, safe, on-the-forefront and outstanding vein care. The Commission bestowed this seal-of-approval to AVI only after a rigorous series of evaluations and visits. Here is where you need to be cautious.

There are several providers who use the phrase “vein center” or “vein clinic” but they are not officially an “Accredited Vein Center” unless it specifically says IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER. Be wise when seeing the phrase “vein center” to understand what it does and doesn’t mean. Also, don’t be confused for the IAC has a certification that many vein providers have earned called the “IAC Accreditation in Vascular Testing.” This vascular testing certification is for the Ultrasound Testing and Interpretation components of a vein practice. It is only one important qualification that a vein practice needs to officially achieve recognition as an IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER. AVI has the IAC Accreditation in Vascular Testing.

There are other important qualifications to look for when researching the variety of vein care providers. First, make sure you find a vein specialist who is a Board Certified physician. Since today’s minimally invasive procedures are surgical, it is logical to look for a Board Certified Physician or Surgeon who has comprehensive experience with microsurgical skills. In addition to the important qualification of Physician Board Certification, you should find a Board Certified doctor who is Double Board Certified in Phlebology (the treatment of veins) as well. Be cautious about choosing a provider who claims to be a “Phlebologist.” That provider is not likely a physician since only physicians can take the Board Certification exam for Phlebology, given by the American Board of Lymphatic and Venous Medicine (ABLVM). Find a vein practice that is 100% devoted to the treatment of varicose and spider veins and has been in practice for a good amount of time with an emphasis on patient outcome. Find a vein practice that only offers venous care and no other medical services that may interfere with the physician’s time and single focus of providing vein care. In today’s healthcare environment, minimally invasive vein treatments involve enough time and dedication for an entire medical practice and physician to just be devoted and focused on these procedures and care. There are some vein care providers who have other medical responsibilities with a hospital or within their medical practice and are not exclusively treating varicose and spider vein patients. Many times a vein clinic will advertise under the name of a particular physician or group of physicians to attract patients to that vein practice when, in fact, that particular physician will not be involved directly in your vein treatments or evaluation or you will get the vein doctor of the moment throughout the duration of your care. The vein care providers that only perform minimally invasive vein care, have been providing this exclusive care for a long time, and have built a reputable vein treatment practice are the most experienced to understand all of the intricacies of successful vein care and procedures. They are the ones who are involved in minimally invasive care day in and day out. They are the experts for a reason. At AVI, Dr. Albert is your vein care physician at both Front Range locations. He is 100% devoted and focused on providing your venous disease care.

The highest trained and experienced Board Certified Vein Care Physician in your area should evaluate your varicose veins and spider veins. How do you know if your vein issues are cosmetic or medical? There are some cosmetic vein issues but let the appropriate vein specialist at an IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER evaluate you before you go through any varicose or spider vein treatments. At this time, it is comforting to know that a reputable overseeing healthcare body has done the homework for you when choosing your vein care specialist by recognizing today’s vein practices with this ever so relevant and credible recognition as an IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER.

Dr. Albert is Colorado’s leading vein care specialist. He believes patients should understand how to make the best choice when choosing their vein care provider since there are many types of specialists and clinics performing various aspects of vein care. Albert Vein Institute (AVI) has two convenient locations on the Front Range, in Lone Tree and Colorado Springs. Dr. Albert has been a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon for over 20 years and Board Certified Phlebologist for over ten years. As your physician at AVI, he brings the highest level of medical and surgical expertise to all vein patients. He personally provides a complimentary consultation to all new patients before any testing or treatments are done. He will tell you what is the right course of care and treatment. He will also tell you if you do not need vein treatments. Dr. Albert performs all venous ablation procedures at AVI. You can trust your vein care to Dr. James D. Albert. AVI is a world-class vein care practice and the IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER is proof of this achievement. There is no one more qualified and experienced to provide your vein care in Colorado than Dr. Albert.

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