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Bringing the Doctor and A-Team Staff to You


Bringing the Doctor and A-Team Staff to You

Dr. James D. Albert is personally involved in the hiring of all medical staff at Albert Vein Institute (AVI), assuring that only medical staff of the highest caliber works alongside him in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon, Dr. Albert has the highest expectations for the medical staff assisting him in surgery and providing medical care to AVI patients. AVI patients can be confident that there is comprehensive medical consistency at our two Front Range locations in Lone Tree and Colorado Springs. The medical A-Team travels between AVI’s two locations to ensure the patients receive uniform care of the highest quality, regardless of which office patients choose to visit. By passing Dr. Albert’s highest standards of credentials AND experience, our Physician Assistants, Medical Assistants, and Registered Ultrasound Sonographers represent one of the distinctive hallmarks that differentiate AVI in the field of vein care providers across Colorado. Many of our medical support staff has worked alongside Dr. Albert at AVI for several years, some since the practice opened in 2006.

In addition to the exceptional medical team, AVI also has a first-rate administrative staff that handles all medical practice support and patient insurance needs. Unlike the model of a chain-vein clinic with multiple locations and a “call center”, you will be able to talk directly to our welcoming medical and administrative staff throughout your care and after-hours as directed. AVI is not a “clinic” but an accredited, independent medical practice that provides the highest standards of safety, expertise, and care for patients with venous disease (varicose veins and spider veins). AVI is honored to be Colorado’s ONLY NATIONALLY ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission), and AVI is the only vein center in the state to have double accreditations from the IAC. Dr. Albert is always your practicing physician in Lone Tree and Colorado Springs. It is his priority to ensure that only the finest staff work at AVI and that every patient receives the benefits from the care provided by our most reputable and experienced medical and administrative team.

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