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  • Common Signs of Vein Disease
    Common Signs of Vein Disease

    Your veins are responsible for carrying blood to your heart so it can later be pumped to the rest of your body. If your veins begin to deteriorate and are not supplying an efficient amount of blood to ...

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  • The Myths of Vein Disease
    The Myths of Vein Disease

    From Colorado’s Vein Expert: Debunking Falsehoods of Vein Disease Varicose Veins are Only a Cosmetic Issue Many people, even physicians, believe that varicose veins are only a cosmetic issue and don’t ...

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  • Diabetes and Varicose Veins
    Diabetes and Varicose Veins

    There are several complications associated with having diabetes with two in particular as it relates to vein disease: vascular complications and leg ulcerations. You may have read that diabetes leads ...

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