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Thank You For Your Referrals

Thank you for considering referring your patient to Albert Vein Institute (AVI) as we believe that AVI offers the highest level of expertise and safety for today’s minimally invasive vein care in Colorado and in the country. Dr. James D. Albert and AVI Medical and AVI Administrative Staff strive to provide your patient with an ethical and expert medical and surgical experience in order to reach your patient’s maximum successful outcome and quality of life.

Very Respectfully,

- Dr. James D. Albert, RPVI, FAVLS and
The AVI Medical & Administrative Team

Your Patient is in Good Hands Here

Dr. James D. Albert, RPVI, FAVLS and AVI Staff consider it an honor and privilege to care for your referrals who might be experiencing superficial venous disease. Our scope of vein care expertise includes patients with serious medical problems associated with varicose and spider veins to cosmetic vein issues. Your patients with varicose veins are scheduled quickly for their initial consultation directly with Dr. Albert.

As a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon and Board Certified Phlebologist, Dr. Albert follows the highest medical ethics and safety protocols when evaluating and recommending potential vein care once he has determined that clinical findings are relevant for further diagnostics and treatment. Dr. Albert will always be the practicing physician for your referrals from day one through their final follow-up appointments. Dr. Albert priority is your patient’s compassionate care and their successful outcome.

Dr. Albert brings 30 years of surgical leadership, experience, and knowledge to every patient. It is his firm belief that today’s minimally invasive vein care is a surgical subspecialty and patients should seek board-certified providers who have the highest levels of microsurgical expertise combined with a comprehensive medical background and life-long experience in the highest levels of surgical care, safety and techniques.

Your patients will receive the highest level of microsurgical expertise and experience as ONLY Dr. Albert performs the endovenous laser and radiofrequency ablation therapies on your patients at AVI.

How to Refer Your Patient

The Albert Vein Institute respects the relationships you have with your patients and is committed to open communication and prompt follow-up after your patient is seen. We recognize that your patient looks to you as his or her primary provider — and we expect to entrust your patient back to your ongoing care after being seen at the Albert Vein Institute. We see patients from all walks of life. To refer a patient, you don’t need to know an Albert Vein Institute staff member or have a previous relationship with us.

Why refer your patient to the Albert Vein Institute?

  • Quality. Albert Vein Institute is continually developing new treatment techniques and refining and improving existing ones.
  • Locations. We have major campuses in two regions of Colorado — Colorado Springs & Lone Tree. This offers your patients multiple ways to access the Albert Vein Institute, no matter where they live.
  • Ease. Click, call or fax — we offer several ways to refer patients, all streamlined to save time for you and your colleagues. Use our online referral form when it’s convenient for you.
  • Collaboration. Working together with medical professionals in the community and around the world has been part of Albert Vein Institute’s culture since our founding. Let us collaborate with you to provide the highest quality care to our patients.

Contact us today at one of our two locations Lone Tree (303) 857-5111 or Colorado Springs (719) 550-8346 to refer a patient.

Accreditation Equals a Commitment to Our Patients

Albert Vein Institute (AVI) has earned the prominent national distinction as Colorado’s first IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER dedicated to meeting the needs of patients.

The IAC Accredited Vein Center is one of the highest credentials that a vein practice can earn. It represents that AVI has gone above and beyond to safeguard our vein care protocols and safety for our patients. AVI is one of about 114 IAC Accredited Vein Centers in the country. It is noteworthy that Blue Cross Blue Shield believes in this national vein center accreditation as their insured vein patients are only allowed to receive vein care from one of the IAC Accredited Vein Centers. We are honored to be one of the nation’s accredited vein centers.

Who Accredits Our Center?


It is one of the highest accreditations possible for today’s minimally invasive vein care providers. By going through a rigorous outside evaluation and approval by a prominent overseeing healthcare organization whose mission is to improve patient care, the VEIN CENTER ACCREDITATION means that AVI has gone ABOVE AND BEYOND TO SAFEGUARD how minimally invasive vein care is provided to your patients.

Note: AVI’s IAC Accreditation in Vascular Testing is very important as the ultrasound component of a vein practice but is not the same comprehensive accreditation as an IAC ACCREDITED VEIN CENTER. In addition, a national vein chain is not the same distinction as a nationally accredited vein center.

Alliances & Affiliations

For more than a decade, Albert Vein Institute has formed affiliations with accredited Phlebology Organizations and venous programs across the country aimed to combine the unparalleled research and expertise of Albert Vein Institute’s vein program with other vein care leaders.

Through these relationships, Albert Vein Institute works with quality venous programs to provide management services including clinical direction, quality assurance, and access to the latest in advanced minimally invasive technologies and techniques. Physicians and nurses from affiliate programs participate in training, conferences and educational programs.

Albert Vein Institute Affiliates & Alliances:

  • IAC Accredited Vein Center
  • IAC Accrediton in Vascular Testing
  • Registered Physician in Vascular Interpretation® (RPVI®) certification
  • American College of Phlebology (ACP)
  • American Board of Thoracic Surgery (ABTS)
  • American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine (ABVLM)

Our Commitment to Excellence

  • Accredited Facility - Vein Center
  • American Vein & Lymphatic Society
  • Registered Physician - Invascular Interpretation
  • The American Board of Venous & Lymphatic Medicine
  • The American Board of Thoracic Surgery
  • Best Doctor 2020
  • Colorado Springs Top Docs 2018
  • Accredit Facility - Vascular Testing
  • AVI Celebrating 16 Years of Vein Care