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Improving Your Vein Care in 2022

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Tips for Better Vein Care in the New Year

Many patients often focus their New Year’s resolution lists on improving their overall wellness, and a lot of the tips to help improve your total body health can also help improve your vascular health.

Your veins are a vital part of your health, and using these tips can help you support both:

Improve Your Diet

Choosing to eat a more healthful diet can help keep your veins and arteries healthy, as well as protect your overall health and ward off diseases. Be sure to choose plenty of fresh fruits and leafy dark greens, as well as lean proteins. For additional vitamins and minerals, consider taking supplements to help boost your health!

Reduce Harmful Habits

Smoking and drinking excessively are harmful to your overall wellbeing, but these habits are harmful to your vein health as well. Quit smoking and reduce how much you drink to take better care of your health in the New Year.

Include More Exercise

In addition to drinking and smoking, living a sedentary lifestyle can also harm your veins. In the New Year, motivate yourself to move more frequently to help with proper blood flow and circulation. This can be walking, hiking, yoga, or anything else that gets your blood pumping!

Visit Your Doctor

While you’re thinking about booking a physical, remember to also see your vein doctor if you have an existing venous issue. Winter is the perfect time to start spider vein treatment to regain confidence over the spring and summer!

At Albert Vein Institute, Dr. Albert offers various treatments for varicose veins, spider veins, and other venous conditions. These treatments are designed to remove unsightly bulging, knotted veins and improve blood flow in the legs.

To book a consultation, contact our team today: (303) 857-5111