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Why Do Pregnant Women Get Varicose Veins?


Pregnancy can be one of the best times of a woman’s life. Knowing that your body is acting as a life-giving vessel for your new bundle of joy can give you a euphoric feeling that lasts for months.

However, any mother knows that pregnancy is not without its downsides in terms of bodily changes and functions. One of the common ailments pregnant women find themselves struggling with is varicose veins. Why is it that this group of adults is so susceptible to developing these painful veins? Well, a few reasons.

The Reasons Pregnant Women Develop Varicose Veins

Your Body Produces More Blood

In order to support your baby and have a healthy pregnancy, your body produces much more blood than it normally does. This can sometimes put too much pressure on your veins and valves since they are accustomed to only handle so much blood at a time. The increase in blood that develops during pregnancy can ultimately lead to the development of varicose veins.

Hormones Affect Your Vein Wall

Pregnancy involves a lot of hormones that are secreting into and circulate your body. While these hormones are necessary to support the growth of your child and keep your own body’s general health, they can also have negative effects on veins. The hormones can make your vein walls thinner and weaker, making you more susceptible to developing varicose veins.

Pregnancy Put Pressure on Your Veins

As your child grows in your uterus, it puts pressure on the veins in that area, preventing them from properly carrying blood back to your heart. When blood can’t travel through your veins as it should, it can pool and cause varicose veins.

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